We're funding the future. Join us! 

Who are the Future Funders?

We are a group of young professionals in Hong Kong who believe that we can contribute to making the world a better place today. We aren’t waiting until retirement to get involved because our financial and non-financial resources can make an impact today. We believe that social entrepreneurs - driven, innovative, and resourceful individuals - have what it takes to find solutions to the social and environmental challenges facing our communities and beyond.

For the past four years Future Funders Giving Circle members have each donated $5,000 USD and made investments in and provided advisory support to social ventures creating impact throughout Southeast Asia. Each venture is carefully vetted through Synergy's due diligence process and introduces self-sustaining development models that create permanent solutions.

We hope to continue supporting innovative entrepreneurs creating impact in our region and beyond and through this campaign are challenging our community to help match (or exceed!) our $50,000 donation for 2018 to invest in even more ventures and create greater impact together.

Check out Brooklyn Bridge to Cambodia, the Future Funders' first investment: