The Story 

Development in the Western Chinese province of Qinghai has not been equitable for everyone. On the Himalayan Plateau, ethnic Tibetans are loosing ages old ways of living yak herding and facing a lack of new economic opportunities and diminishing culture and way of life. A group of Tibetans are working to help these communities while maintaining ancient traditions for future generations. 

The Opportunity

Gangla is a non political, non religious group that supports economically impoverished and culturally endangered communities on the Tibetan Plateau by through the development of social enterprises. An example of a venture is Ganglha's Ecocultural tour operation which brings employment to local communities while providing travel that is sensitive to the environment and educates travelers about the local culture. Revenue is reinvested in education, water and sanitation, environmental protection, and cultural preservation programs. Ganglha also supports Tibetan youth entrepreneurship through their social enterprise incubation program.  

The Impact 

As a result of entrepreneurial efforts, Ganglha has successfully implemented bi-annual teaching programs in five Tibetan communities, provided solar cookers for six communities and education supplies for three Tibetan communities, launched a women's empowerment project, two water projects for two communities, a water cistern project, a scholarship program, and clothes and quilts for the poor. In 2014 alone, 9,789 local residents benefited from Ganglha programs.