The Story

Cesar Harada, inventor and environmentalists started out making remotely controlled wind powered sailing robots with a variety of applications including oil spill or plastic cleanup and collection of data from oceans. When he relocated to Hong Kong, he had a hard time finding industrial space by the water to test prototypes. At the same time he knew what potential the region was missing out on without a space for innovators to explore, learn and collaborate. This led him to his next venture MakerBay, a space where Hong Kong makers could come together to create products that have social and environmental impact.

The Opportunity 

MakerBay provides a space for makers of all kinds, engineers, students, designers, artists, software developers, to work together on creative projects that focus on making social or environmental impact. Hobbyists, professionals, and students alike can draw on the collective communal knowledge base, whether it be questions about rapid prototyping, building relationships with manufacturers, or how to use a 3-D printer.

The Impact 

MakerBay now provides a space where budding makers and innovators have the opportunity to engage in various classes and workshops and existing inventors have a place to work and collaborate.  Their goal is to develop and nourish a hub of creative thinkers that will herald new generations of inventors. MakerBay hopes to expand along Synergy’s regional footprint, building a community of technologists in Asia united by the skills to invent the future and the desire to change it for the better.